white-eyed vireo, palm, yellow-rumped, blue-gray knatcathcer at Shell Park

Jacques Giraud jacques at giraud.com
Sun Apr 27 06:43:03 EDT 2003

On 4/26, Wayne Renaud and I birded Shell Park along a western swing looking for shorebirds. We didn't find many shorebirds but the
trail along the fenceline at Shell Park was very productive. In a single tree, we found the species mentioned above. We also found
hermit thrush and golden-crowed kinglet.

Earlier in the day we stopped off at the Grimsby Sewage Lagoons. There were no shorebirds as the ponds are very high but there were
a considerable number of Caspian terns, Bonaparte's Gulls and ring-billed gulls on the little island in the last pond. There were
also a few northern shovelers.

At the Townsend Sewage Lagoons, we found lesser scaup, redhead, canvasback, ring-necked duck, ruddy ducks (100s), red-breasted
merganser, bufflehead, northern shovelers, American wigeon, American coot, Canada geese and lots of ring-billed gulls. We only found
a single killdeer.

Shell Park is east of Burloak Dr located off Lakeshore Blvd in Oakville. To get to the fence line, park and walk to the end of the
soccer fields. On the right hand side of the soccer fields is a woodlot and there is a trail that runs along it. 

Grimsby Sewage Lagoons:  From the QEW, heading east from Hamilton towards Niagara, take the Fifty Rd. exit; go north to the North
Service Rd.; turn right, go east to the first road on the left which is at the end of the bend; turn left here (it is Baseline Rd.);
go past the entrance to Fifty Point C.A. then past Kelson Ave. and just past the National Defence shooting range on your left are
the sewage lagoons.  Park well off the road on the shoulder and walk up the laneway to the ponds.

Townsend Sewage Lagoons: Off Hwy 3 west of Jarvis. Take the road to Townsend which is about 3 kilometres west of Jarvis and leaves
north from Hwy 3. Take the first sideroad west off the Townsend Rd and after about a kilometre you will come to the lagoons which
are north of the sideroad.

Good Birding
Jacques Giraud and Wayne Renaud

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