Nassagaweya Territorial Warblers - June 1

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Mon Jun 2 10:46:52 EDT 2003

At 11:22 AM on June 1, a Hooded Warbler was singing
at the corner of 10 Sideroad and 4th Line Nassagaweya
in north Halton (Milton).

Approximately 800 meters east southeast of the
corner where a Black-throated Blue sang last summer,
a male Black-throated Blue occupied a territory
similar to terrain in Algonquin.

Other species close by along 4th line Nassagaweya
Blackpoll - male
Yellow-thr. Vireo - male
Blackburnian - 2 to 3 males on territory
Canada Warb. - male
Am. Redstart - 2 males on territory
Chestnut-sided - 2 males on territory
Ovenbird - 19 males on territory
Blue-winged - 3 males on territory

A Magnolia sang from a cedar on 10 sideroad less
than a mile away.

Species at the RBG Arboretum bordering Cootes
Hamilton, included:
Blackpoll - 3M,2F
Blue-winged -M
Black-thr. Green - M
Tennessee - M
Canada - M
Mourning - M
Magnolia - M
A. Redstart - 3M
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 5

For 4th Line Nassagaweya, exit the 401 at Guelph Line
and drive north past Mohawk Raceway. Turn right on
10 Sideroad and drive towards where it meets 4th line
Nassagaweya. A small parking lot is 200 meters north
of the corner.
For the RBG Arboretum, exit the 401 at Highway 6 
South. Go past Highway 5/Dundas Road, and turn right
at York Road. Continue on to Old Guelph Road and turn
left. Drive past the railway tracks and RBG Arboretum
is on your right.

Good birding,
Fred Urie
fredurie at

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