2003 Rainy River Bird Tour

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Mon Jun 2 19:10:07 EDT 2003

The 2003 Rainy River OFO Birding Tour was held May 30 and 31.  14 really
tough birders braved high winds, horizontal rain and cold temps on Friday
morning to start the tour.  By noon things had improved and Sat. dawned
clear, mild and windless.  A collective total of 131 species were found.
Arm's length views of LeConte's Sparrow, Connecticut Warbler and Mourning
Warbler were exciting as were the half-hearted attempts at dancing by a
group of Sharp-Tailed Grouse on a gravel road  Area specialties found by the
group included Eared Grebe, American White Pelican, Sharp-Tailed Grouse,
Sandhill Crane, Piping Plover (perhaps the last bird in Ontario),  Wilson's
Phalarope (200+ on Rainy River sewage ponds), Franklin's Gull, Black-Billed
Magpie, Sedge Wren, Connecticut Warbler, LeConte's Sparrow, Western
Meadowlark, Yellow-Headed Blackbird and Brewer's Blackbird.
A Red-Bellied Woodpecker was seen by some participants staying at the Oak
Grove Campground but could not be found on the tour.  It is the 3rd RR
District record for the species.

Dave and Mary Elder
Atikokan, Ontario

mdelder at nwconx.net

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