Parasitic Jaeger (flyby) and lots of Shorebirds at Oshawa Second Marsh tonight

Tyler Hoar thoar at
Mon Jun 2 21:11:33 EDT 2003

At 7:20pm an adult Parasitic Jaeger flew in from Lake Ontario. It Circled
the marsh once then flew off to the SW along the Lakeshore.

With strong N winds, there was a diverse and sizable fallout of Shorebirds.
The beach birds( Sanderling, Knot, and Turnstone) were on the Gravel bar in
the sw area of the marsh and on the Sand spit directly west of the GM
viewing platform. Most of the shorebirds were in the newly re-emerging
mudflats along the north side of the marsh.

Highlights 962 shorebirds of 10 species including:
Red Knot(1), Ruddy Turnstone(15), Sanderling (4), White-rumped Sandpiper
(2), Dunlin (92),  and Semi-palmated Sandpiper(769)

Other Species seen tonight include: Ruddy Duck, Common Loon, Tundra Swan,
Bufflehead, Greater and Lesser Scaup, Wood Duck, Great Egret, and Green

Exit from the 401 at the Harmony Rd. Exit (419) in Oshawa. Go south on
Farewell St. to Colonel Sam Drive. Go east on Colonel Sam Drive to the
parking lot at the GM Headquarters. Park in the west parking lot close to
the marsh. The east platform is located here. To see the Lake Ontario
waterbirds  proceed along the path from the parking lot south to the

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