Bobwhite south of Sarnia

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Wed Jun 4 17:11:16 EDT 2003

Hi  Everyone,
This note is more for interest, since we don't hear much about this species
anymore.  About 10 am. this morning I heard and observed a NORTHERN BOBWHITE
near the SE corner of Lasalle Line and Highway 40.  It was near the
communications tower there, but just beside the security fence at Dow
Hydrocarbon Storage.  Although there is always a chance this is a released
bird, it may well be a of wild origin.
It is an interesting sighting because I have been involved with tree and
shrub planting along highway 40 and at Dow Hydrocarbon Storage the past six
weeks.  There is a plan to create a wildlife corridor up highway 40 from
Wallaceburg to Sarnia, and one of the species they "hope" to attract is
Other birds in the area include many UPLAND SANDPIPERS.  They nest on the
Dow property.  As well I have seen WILD TURKEY, SNIPE, WOODCOCK, PHEASANT.
On the SW corner of Lasalle and hwy 40 is the entrance to the Dow Wetlands,
which is open to the public.  A variety of habitat is located there, and is
good for birds.  Today I had ORCHARD ORIOLE as well as UPLAND SANDPIPER
there while eating my lunch.

Lasalle Line is just south of Sarnia--the first intersection south of
Churchill Line.
Blake  A. Mann
Chatham-Kent, Ont.
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