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John Thompson jthmpson at
Sun Jun 8 08:55:29 EDT 2003

Sunday morning I birded a large wet grassland on the north edge of Brampton.
This area is on the north side of Bovaird Drive, between Trinity Common Mall
and Heart Lake Road (the northern extension of Highway 410). Access is from
either the extreme northwest corner of the mall parking lot (north of the
Home Depot store, west of the Silver City theatre) or from a small parking
area on the east side of Heart Lake Road, directly opposite Pouw Brothers
Garden Centre at 10234 Heart Lake Road. There is a small marsh in the
southwest corner of the area; here I saw one RUDDY DUCK, as well as two or
perhaps three AMERICAN COOTS. Other sightings included:
Alder Flycatcher
Solitary Sandpiper (a very solitary one indeed, at mud ponds near the
northeast corner of the mall area)
Bank Swallows (numerous)
Barn Swallows gathering nesting material (apparently, from the direction and
short duration of flight, building a nest somewhere in the homes just north
of the mall)
Northern Mockingbird - a pair, displaying very aggressive territorial
behaviour toward Redwinged Blackbirds and Grackles

No Henslow's Sparrows or Sedge or Marsh Wrens, but I'll keep looking... ;-)

John Thompson
jthmpson at
Central Park Drive, Brampton

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