Red-headed woodpecker in Carden

Nathalie Rockhill nathalie.rockhill at
Sun Jun 8 18:57:59 EDT 2003

A Red-headed Woodpecker was seen between 5 and 5:30 p.m. today on
various fenceposts along McNamee Road near the junction with Horncastle
Road.  It came as close as 15 feet of my parked car, and didn't startle
when I started the engine and drove off.  It tends to sit on a
fencepost, then drop toward the ground and back up to the same post, as
though it's hawking for insects.    I have seen it (or at any rate one
of the same species) several times last year and this, always on the
fence that runs south from McNamee on a line with Horncastle.  Today it
was also on the fence along the south side of McNamee, a bit east of
Horncastle.  It is truly a spectacular bird, and seems not to mind, or
notice, company.

McNamee Road runs east and west between "City" of Kawartha Lakes 6 and
KL 35.  The popular approach is to go north from Kirkfield on 6, under
the liftlock, proceed several km. and as 6 bends to the left, turn right
(east) onto McNamee, where you'll see the large Carden Plain Important
Bird Area explanatory billboard on your left.  Instead of making a quick
left onto Wylie, continue on McNamee past Shrike Road. In another couple
of km.  you'll see a sign marking Horncastle Road.  Look for the
Red-headed Woodpecker on your right.

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