Upland Sandpiper- Haldimand County, near Port Dover

Bullock Family bullock at primus.ca
Wed Jun 25 16:40:34 EDT 2003

We found an Upland Sandpiper along Regional Rd. 3 today at 1315 hrs.  He was
perched along  the north side hydro lines initially, then literally flew
circles around us after we stopped to scope him.  The south side is an open
field where he'd land and run along like a kildeer.  Odd gobbling call when
in flight.  A very odd bird in general.

Directions:  (From the north)  Take Highway 6 south from Hamilton.  Go past
Highway 3 at Jarvis.  Turn left (east) onto Regional road 3.  You turn just
before Hank DeKoning's Butcher Shop also on the left.  Go 6.4 km, (600
metres past the gates to Stelco) and there is an old barn on your right
(south), two silos, no house.  Go another 100 metres pull well off the road
and look at the wires on the left (north).  Below the wires is a field of
winter wheat; you can't see him down there, but he is a very active bird and
will pop up.

Warning:  This road is used by large trucks going to Stelco, and the
Nanticoke Power Station.  Please be careful.

Wayne & Fran Bullock

Ancaster, Ontario

bullock at primus.ca

"Bullock Family" <bullock at primus.ca>

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