Carden Plain-June 28

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Sun Jun 29 10:32:38 EDT 2003

Yesterday Adele and I made our first trip to Carden Plain and we were
not disappointed.  We only birded the Wylie Road section but it was
still very exciting.

Loggerhead Shrike: 2 at Art's Ranch sign, perched in the dead tree to
the left. (scope helpful).

Sedge Wrens: at least 6 heard throughout the marsh, 3 at the bridge.
However only 1 was seen.  If you're patient on will pop up, I guess they
have to live up to their stereotype before they let anyone see them.

Upland Sandpiper: 3, 2 were about 1 km down Wylie Rd. by the small pond
on the right side of the road.

Grasshopper Sparrow: many calling but seeing one takes some patience.

Savannah Sparrow: common and more co-operative than the Grasshopper.

Eastern Bluebird: most were seen at the first half of Wylie Rd.

Bobolinks: can usually be seen before they drop into the grass.

Eastern Meadowlark: see above description.

Wilson's Snipe:  2, seen flying over the marsh.

Black billed Cuckoo:  Heard about 1 km down Wylie Rd. in the small grove
of trees.

Brown Thrasher: Common but can be elusive, there seems to be a pattern
with Carden Plain birds, they're all shy.

Also for those interested in butterflies there was a lot of activity,
numerous White Admirals, a couple Tiger Swallowtails, several Monarchs
and lots of Milkweed for them.  There was also a lot of a small orange
butterflies but I do not know what they were, I tried to stick to

P.S. Thank You to Jack Alvo for last weeks posting it was very helpful.

Directions: ( from Jack Alvo's posting)

    From Kirkfield on Highway 48 East of Lake Simcoe, proceed North on
County Road 6.  At 2.6 km past the Kirkfield Lift Lock, turn right
(East) on McNamee Road where County Road 6 turns sharply to the left.
Then turn Left almost immediately on Wylie Road.

Kurt Appleman & Adele Coull
Port Hope, ON

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