Virginia Rail and Sora at Hendry's Valley, Hamilton.

Karl Egressy kegressy at
Sun Jul 20 16:33:21 EDT 2003

Hi Birders,

We went to Hamilton, Hendry's Valley this morning,
trying to take pictures of the Wood Ducks,
usually nesting there.
We never got that far because of the rain.
However, as we walked along the edge of the marsh,
I heard a Virginia Rail calling.
Stopped there, went down to the muddy area
where we waited for about 5-10 minutes.
First one Virginia Rail came and then one more.
At one point we saw three Virginia Rails and one Sora at the same time,
very close range. They were feeding, chasing each other and mostly ignoring

Once you are on the trail, take the boardwalk, go across the marshy
area, take a right turn onto the wooded slope, progress along the
edge of the marsh, until the first opening in the underbrush.
( about 100 feet from the Bridge) Go down to the muddy area.

Good Luck,

Karl & Marienna Egressy

"Karl Egressy" <kegressy at>

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