Presqu'ile shorebirds

Don Shanahan vic.hide at
Mon Jul 28 21:32:15 EDT 2003

The shorebirding at Presqu'ile continues to get better. Highlights of 150+
birds this evening included a Red Knot (adult), ten or so Short-billed
Dowitchers, a Stilt Sandpiper, a Black-bellied Plover, eight juvenile
Pectoral Sandpipers and a Greater Yellowlegs. There are many post-breeding
Semipalmated Sandpipers and Plovers and both juveniles and adults of Lesser
Yellowlegs and Least Sandpipers. Sanderlings in various post-breeding
plumages are abundant.
Bonaparte's Gulls are regular on the beach and the young of both Common and
Caspian Terns are becoming more numerous.
Observation is good from the viewing platform on the former beach four and
along the nearby Owen Point Trail. Because of on going construction, the
parking lot at the former beach four offers little parking. Better options
are the parking lot for the park store or the lot for the nearby washroom.
The way to Presqu'ile is well signed south of Brighton.

Don Shanahan

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