Red-headed Woodpecker in Carden

Nathalie Rockhill nathalie.rockhill at
Thu Jul 31 16:17:51 EDT 2003

Red-headed woodpeckers can be seen hawking for insects from hydro poles
and treetops, and taking the catch to at least one nestling.   The nest
hole can be seen clearly from the road without entering private
property, and the nestling(s) can often be seen peering around and can
be heard squeaking.

Location:  McNamee Road just west of Kawartha Lakes 35 (NOT Highway 35,
which is nearby). The nest hole is in a snag in a partly dead maple tree
in the maple bush on the south side of the road.  Good viewing can be
had from the top of the slight rise in the road a few hundred yards in
from 35.

To reach McNamee Road from Kirkfield:  from the crossroads at Kawartha
Lakes 48 and KL 6, follow the sign to the Carden Plain Important Bird
Area information sign, which takes you north on 6 to McNamee.  Make a
right turn onto McNamee at the IBA sign and continue east past Wylie,
Shrike and Horncastle roads.  East of Horncastle you will see the maple
bush ahead on your right.

Nathalie Rockhill
Victoria Road

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