Possible Lark Bunting seen near Wiarton

burton at csolve.net burton at csolve.net
Sat Aug 2 16:39:38 EDT 2003

I received a report of a possible Lark Bunting from a non-birder who
lives 3 km east of Wiarton in Grey County. The bird was seen only
Tuesday apparently. The description sounds good to me; I only asked if
it was black with white patches on the wings and got this response:

"...he was only here on a fly by I guess
because I haven't seen him since. Sorry. Yes, all black and he had
white wings.  I thought at first he was a largish grosbeak, his beak was

quite thick like that. It was also black, like the rest of him. His size
the description in the book. But I didn't think it could be since it was
far out of its' territory. Also, it was all alone and I read that they
out with their own crowd mostly. He was about 3 feet away from our patio

doors, just outside our living room, eating sunflower seeds."

I will pass along any new information if the bird is seen again, but
local birders should keep an eye out for this bird.

Dan Burton

burton at csolve.net

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