early Godwit- Pt Burwell

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Sun Aug 3 17:18:49 EDT 2003

Birders,  Today at about 12:30 pm therewas a Juv.  Hudsonian Godwit on the 
beach at Pt. Burwell Prov. Park.  There is a very wide beach in the park and 
much of the upper sections were flooded today.  Other birds on the beach 
were 180 Common Terns, about 300 Bonapartes,7 R. Turnstones, 1 Semipalmated 
Plover, Caspian Terns  and the regular gulls.  Before  I left the Godwit 
which had been sleeping was scared by beachgoers but did land further down 
the beach.

    Other interesting migrants were at the Aylmer Sewage Lagoons which are 
only at this time minimally good shorebird habitat.  Black Terns-4 juv. and 
5 adults
                                  Upland Sandpiper- 4 - in adjacent field
                                  L. Yellowlegs, Least Sand., Solitary, 

Directions:  Port Burwell  is on Lake Erie between LongPoint and Port Bruce. 
  The Godwit was in the day use area of the park ( a fee required)  on the 
beach from Parking area  #3.

Aylmer Sewage Lagoons; From 401 take #73 or Imperial Road toward Aylmer.  
Before you get to Aylmer turn right onto  Glencolin Line and the first left 
is Rogers Road.  Turn left and the lagoons are visible on right.

Ross Snider

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