Eurasian Tree Sparrow - My Backyard

Todd Pepper tandjpepper at
Sun Aug 24 17:01:24 EDT 2003

My wife first spotted an unusual sparrow in the pond in our backyard this
morning. While she is not a "birder" she does know what a House Sparrow
looks like. She described it to me when I came home from birding, and the
full rusty brown head and black spots on the cheeks matches the description
of a Eurasian Tree Sparrow. About 3:00 p.m. it returned to our pond and
stayed for a minute or two, providing an excellent look for both her and I.

I have set out bird seed in our feeder, and with a supply of water it may
come back. If it establishes a regular pattern I will let people know. I
also now have my camera set up in the house and focused on the feeder and
pond if it should come back.

It is a very narrow back yard - and visiting the feeder and pond will be
tough - but I am sure something can be worked out to provide access if it
does establish a pattern. I will provide directions with my next posting.

Todd Pepper
tandjpepper at
Leamington, Ontario

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