Long-tailed Jaeger- Van Wagners Beach- September 3rd

The Holdens skholden at attcanada.ca
Wed Sep 3 22:29:44 EDT 2003


    At around 5:25pm, A Light Morph Juvenile Long-tailed Jaeger was seen at Van Wagners Beach, flying about 100 yards offshore. 

Parasitic Jaegers were seen for most of the day, on and off, from the same location as well.

Good Birding

Brandon and Eric Holden

Van Wagners Beach is at the west end of Lake Ontario
>From Toronto take QEW Niagara to Woodward. Exit off of Woodward onto
Eastport Drive and follow signs to VanWagners Beach Road.  Take this road to
Hutch's Restaurant.
>From Niagara take the Centennial Parkway Exit and follow signs to VanWagners
Beach Road.
"The Holdens" <skholden at attcanada.ca>

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