Buff-breasted Sandpiper- Whitby

Geoff Carpentier geoffcarpentier at rogers.com
Sat Sep 6 19:46:10 EDT 2003

Saturday, September 6
Sobey Warehouse pond

Buff-breasted Sandpiper- 1

Found by Jean Iron

The bird was still present at 5:00 p.m. but was much harder to find at first
as it was on the north side of the road in with about 6 Killdeer ... it
eventually flew back to the south and was feeding when we left it. It was
very active throughout and frequently flew short distances when on both
sides of the road.

Directions: Exit from the 401 at Brock Street in Whitby
go south to Victoria Street
go west to Gordon Street
go north (1 block) to Nordeagle
go west about 100 meters to a small pool on the south side of the road

Geoff Carpentier
Ajax, Ont.

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