Amherst Island: Buff-breasted Sandpiper

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Hello Ontbirders
    Yesterday, September 7th there was a Buff-breasted Sandpiper at the
east end of Amherst Island on the K.F.N. property. The Buff-breasted was
feeding in a dry area along the edge of the first pond. Shorebird
watching was excellent with a total of 18 species including 3 Ruddy
Turnstone, 2 Red Knot, 6 White-rumped Sandpiper, 2 Baird's Sandpiper, 3
Dunlin, 5 Stilt Sandpiper and 19 Short-billed Dowitcher. On the gravel
point there was an impressive flock of 103 Common Tern resting along
with 27 Caspian Tern. On the drive down to the east end of the island an
adult Red-headed Woodpecker was observed fly catching from a telephone
pole along Front Rd. pass the cemetery. Northern Harriers were numerous
with 18 being seen on the island. The "Owl Woods" had a number of
warblers including 3 Palm and 3 Blackpoll but no owls yet.

                                                        good birding
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Directions: Amherst Island is 16 km west of Kingston. Take exit # 593
from Highway 401, proceed south on County Road #4 (formerly Highway 133)

to Millhaven on Lake Ontario. At the T junction, turn right- the ferry
dock is 200m west on Hwy. 33 (Bath Road). A round-trip on the ferry
costs $5.00. The ferry leaves Millhaven every hour on the half-hour from

6:30 am onward. The return trip leaves Stella on the hour.  To get to
the KFN property from  the ferry dock in Amherst:  drive 200m to the
stop sign in Stella, turn left (east)  and follow the road to the
extreme south-east corner of the Island. Park at the cattle corral. You
can enter the Kingston Field Naturalists property by crossing the fence
at the wooden steps, walk 8-10 minutes east along the shore of Lake
Ontario. As soon as the pond is in view behind the berm, look along the
south margin of this pond. The Owl Woods is at the midway point of
the seasonal road located 3.4 km. east from the general store.If you
require any  additional information please email me privately.

Bruce DiLabio <bruce.dilabio at>

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