Mark Conlon markconlon at
Mon Sep 8 21:14:40 EDT 2003

Lasalle ON
Sept 8, 4pm

Unnamed pond at Huron Church Line and Sandwich Parkway had several
shorebirds this afternoon.

8 Am. Golden Plover
2 Least sp
1 Pectoral sp

returning at 7pm the Golden Plovers had left but 1 Black Bellied Plover was
found. It was winter plumage or imm.
4 Least sp
1 Solitary sp
1 Spotted sp
2 Lesser Yellowlegs
1 or 2 Greater Yellowlegs
50+ Killdeer

Also present were Black Ducks ... among them was one "blonde" duck. Not sure
if this is a morph or hybrid, any ideas would be welcomed.

Mark Conlon
Lasalle ON

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