American Avocet, south of Guelph.

Karl Egressy kegressy at
Thu Sep 11 20:31:21 EDT 2003

The bird was still there at 7:00 Pm when I left.
It was easily seen from the shoulder of country road 35.
It flew up twice (beautiful wing pattern) and always landed at the same

Direction as per Valerie Wyatt:

 Al Sandilands discovered an AMERICAN AVOCET in a farm pond on the east
> of Downy Road (Wellington County Road #35), approximately 0.5 km south of
> its intersection with County Road #34 (0.5 km north of Hwy 401). It was
> found yesterday (September 10) at noon, and was seen in the same spot
> (September 11) by Bryan Wyatt at 9:30 am and myself at 11:00 am. It is
> apparently an adult in non-breeding plumage.
> The best way to get there from the 401: take the Highway 6 NORTH exit
> (Hanlon Expressway) and turn left at the first intersection onto County
> 34. Turn left again at the second opportunity onto County Road 35. There
> a distinctive large brown house angled to face the intersection at this
> corner. The pond is on the left side.
> Valerie Wyatt

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