Buff Breasted and Western Sandpiper @ Grimsby

Rick Thornton rickthor at execulink.com
Sun Sep 14 09:10:14 EDT 2003

Yesterday, there was a BUFF BREASTED SANDPIPER in the north west corner of 
the north cell on the dry mud flats at the Grimsby lagoon. Also noted 
there, was a WESTERN SANDPIPER in the first cell on one of the little 
gravel islands. A BLACK BELLIED PLOVER was heard on a flyover, landing in 
the north cell as this writer and his trusty companion, Nancy Smith, 
Vineland were leaving for a brief stint at Van Wagners which resulted in an 
immature Black Legged Kittiwake. Missing from our usual group was Joan 
Burns, St Catharines.

Directions for Grimsby lagoon:  Exit QEW at Casablanca Blvd. go north, turn 
left (west) onto N.
Service Rd. but then stay to the right, on Winston Rd. ( don't follow the
service road when it curves to the left.)  Two blocks down on the right
(north) there is a brick building and then a metal shed, park by the shed
and walk north towards the lake then across to the best path which is  along
the east side of the cells. Please don't disturb the homeowners on the east
side at the road. (courtesy of Nancy Smith, Vineland)

Good Birding,
Rick Thornton
Exeter, ONT

Rick Thornton <rickthor at execulink.com>

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