alas a Broad-winged at Cranberry-Sep.18

Doug Lockrey lockrey33 at
Thu Sep 18 17:10:24 EDT 2003

Southeast winds and the oncoming Isabel are not boding well for a migratory
"incursion" of Broad-winged Hawks along the north shore of Lake Ontario. A
number of us stuck it out on the platform of the Cranberry Marsh Raptor
Watch for 6 hours on Thursday, Sep.18-- the best bird was a sudden eastward
flight low over the wetlands of a Northern Goshawk; I did not count it as
Perhaps it was just a hope that I might see a Broad-winged before I emigrate
to the Bruce Peninsula for a week-- well, indeed, in mid-afternoon a BW
appeared in the east, taking 30 minutes to get over my head.
The count today was 46 raptors, incl. 11 Turkey Vultures, 1 Osprey and 8

Blue Jays and Monarchs abound. A Wilson's Snipe was seen several times.

Cranberry marsh is at the south end of Hall's Rd. in southwest Whiby,
accessed from Bayly/Victoria, just east of LakeRidge Rd.

Doug Lockrey, coordinator CMRW

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