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We appear to be back in operation

 Posting for Bruce Mackenzie and Bob Curry
 We are currently in extremely sensitive negotiations concerning the future
 of Grimsby Sewage Lagoons.There are several stakeholders including
 Department of National Defence, Niagara Region, Town of Grimsby, Niagara
 Conservation Authority, Hamilton Naturalists' Club and OFO.
 The north lagoon closest to the lake (the best one) is DND property. It is
their prerogative to have this filled in and used for their purposes. There
remains, however, a chance to save it. They are extremely irritated by the
presence of birders on their property. Yesterday morning,  for example,
before our meeting some of the military brass had, according to them, an
unpleasant confrontation with birders. Later, I received a report that
police were observed going in, presumably  after birders. Perhaps a fine
was levied - we don't know. All this could jeopardize negotiations.
Therefore, we urge birders to do the following:
 1.  If you go at all, then enter by the shed at the west end along the
service road, NOT down the lane at the east end by the house with the
barking dogs.
2. Observe the north lagoon from the dike at the south-east corner only.
I.e., don't walk north down the side of the lagoon.
3. if red flags are flying in front of the DND range they are shooting and
you must not enter.
4. If asked to leave, be polite and do as asked - leave.
 Bruce Mackenzie
Bob Curry
 Bob Curry
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 Mark Cranford
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