Juv. Tufted Duck at Humber bay east park

Craig S A McLauchlan csam at sympatico.ca
Sat Sep 20 19:10:00 EDT 2003

Please Excuse my spelling ,I am Dyslexic
thank you for your understanding.

I am not sher why this has not bin posted yet ( all though I have bin told
it is all reedy posted on the RBHL hear in Toronto ??)  But at 5:00 pm I
spent 20 mints looking at the
Juv. Tufted Duck at Humber bay east park .

The Humber Bay park is found south of the QEW on Park Lawn rd
Park your car in the parking lot and walk east past the first inlet  ( wear
the Wood duck winters) too the second inlet it was swimming with some

also to day in the Toronto Harbour I saw a Adult Black Lagged Kittiwake this
was the second record I have for Adult B.L.K.W in Ont ( thanks to Norm Murr
Trained eye for the first one)

And yesterday in the Height of the storm I staked out  the bass of the
Lesley street spit and  saw 1 Long Tailed Jaeger and a Juv B.L. Kittiwake.
not much for such a big storm .

csam at sympatico.ca

"Craig S A McLauchlan" <csam at sympatico.ca>

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