no Isabel birds in east and central Elgin

Dave Martin dave.martin at
Sun Sep 21 17:22:33 EDT 2003


In order to fill in the picture of whether Isabel-driven sea birds reached 
the Ontario shoreline of east and central Lake Erie the answer is no [not 

We spent a good part of the last 3 days searching for storm waifs along the 
Lake Erie shoreline at the east end of Elgin County at Port Burwell, Port 
Bruce and Port Stanley and have not seen any land or water birds that could 
be attributed to Isabel.

On Friday morning in driving rain and wind we watched a strong migration 
of  Common Terns and Bonaparte's Gulls moving west along the Lake Erie 
shoreline at Port Bruce.  Late Friday afternoon, however, there were only 
Ring-bills and Herring Gulls. On Saturday there were very few Bonaparte's 
Gulls or Common Terns (dozens compared to 100s on Friday and 1000+ of each 
the previous two weekends) at any of the three ports. The same today at 
Port Burwell and Port Bruce even though the winds were fairly strong out of 
the southeast.  Nor did we find anything of note at the Port Stanley or 
Aylmer Sewage Ponds or Aylmer Wildlife Area ponds or at any of the small 
irrigation ponds en route.  The only dead, beached bird so far on any of 
these beaches is a single Double-crested Cormorant at Port Burwell.  The 
only "new" bird that we spotted in the three days was a juvenile plumaged 
Little Gull at Port Burwell today.  [We have seen up to nine adult and 2nd 
year plumaged Little Gulls at this Burwell over the last three weekends].

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