Glossy Ibis

Bruce Patterson brucep at
Mon Oct 20 13:51:44 EDT 2003

It's still here! A friend called me from Woodlawn Rd (20993)and we saw 
it together. Woodlawn backs onto the other side of the creek bed from 
Pier Rd, you should be able to see it from both sides. It seems failrly 
content amongst the geese, there was also a solitary duck, I think a 
female merganser (immature) but I'm not very good with ducks in their 
different plumages, it is a beige colour with some red on the breast, 
darker toward the back and a white bar on the side, didn't have the tuft 
though. Also a great blue heron still there near the old yacht club 
dock. If anyone needs better directions please contact me directly. 
Karen told me she doesn't mind if people go through her backyard for a 
better look.

Bea Patterson
B & B's Bed and Breakfast
Wheatley ON

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