Glossy Ibis - Wheatley

Todd Pepper tandjpepper at
Tue Oct 21 19:04:29 EDT 2003

At 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 21st, the Glossy Ibis was still in Holiday
Harbour south of Wheatley. From the 4 corners of Wheatley go south on Erie
Street until you get to Middleton
Line. Turn east (left) onto Middleton across from B&B 's Bed and Breakfast.
After a short distance turn south (Right) onto Pier Rd. Take Pier Road to
the pump station on the right hand side. Park near the pump station and walk
to the edge of creek. The Ibis was on the north (right) side with several
Great Egrets.

There was also a big movement of Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Yellow-rumped
Warblers and White-crowned Sparrows while I was there, with 20 - 30 of each
species. Also several Juncos and 1 Cape May Warbler.

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Leamington, Ontario

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