Red Bellied Woodpecker f. is back by Newcastle

Markus J. Lise markusonmill at
Sat Oct 25 07:02:57 EDT 2003

Good Morning Fellow Birders,

The Red Bellied Woodpecker f. has made her appearance at the suit again in
my back yard after a long period of absence.

The Downy Woodpeckers m. & f. are enjoying the peanut feeder on a regular
basis as well as the Red Breasted & White Breasted Nuthatches who enjoy the
Sunflower seeds.

Many Sparrows, i.e. White Crowned, White Throated, Fox, Song, are all over
the yard.  Many of these were present in the Cranberry Marsh along with some
Pine Siskins flying around and perched in the branches.

About a dozen Buffleheads, Red Breasted Mergansers and American Black Ducks
were swimming and diving in Lake Ontario off the Bluffs of the Lakeshore Rd.
east of Bond Head.

Had the privilege of enjoying an Immature Bald Eagle in the Cranberry Marsh
around 3:30 and a Northern Harrier.  Earlier I did see a number of Red
Tailed Hawks flying over.

Directions:  Exit # 440 on Mill St. S. by Newcastle down to the lake and
follow Lakeshore Rd. east and stand on the Bluffs.

Markus Lise
Newcastle, On


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