North Bay area "bird bash" 78 species, 22 participants. Red-bellied Woodpecker

Richard Tafel rtafel at
Tue Nov 4 00:10:06 EST 2003

Within 50 miles of North Bay some 22 participants found 78 species of birds
on a brisk, windless November 2 day - a lot for any area, but especially
Northern Ontario at this time of year.
   A beautiful Red-bellied Woodpecker seems to like a local feeder, since it
has been around now there for at least a week or so.
    Lake Nipissing along the easterly and northern shores, and within
Callander Bay was especially full of numerous diving ducks. They included
Old Squaw (or for the politically correct - Long-tailed Duck), the three
scoter species, still hundreds of Common Loons, Common Merganser, Common
Goldeneye, Bufflehead, Ring-necked Ducks  and Lesser Scaup; a few Red-necked
Grebe, Horned Grebe, Red-breasted Merganser, and Greater Scaup were also
    Rough-legged Hawks are making an appearance especially in the western
fields near Cache Bay, while literally hundreds of Snow Buntings can be
spotted in lots of places.
    The westerly cell of the Powassan Lagoon is very low, and so there are
still a number of late arriving shorebirds there, especially Dunlin and
Pectoral Sandpiper.
    An idyllic spot known as Jocko Point on the Indian Reserve on the north
shore saw Black-bellied Plover drop in on Sunday, along with recently,  3
Bald Eagles. Hundreds of Horned Larks have been in the farm fields south of
Verner, along with dozens of Lapland Longspurs.
    A few (only) Pine and Evening  Grosbeak and Common Redpolls are also
showing up at some feeders.
    If interested in any specific locations, or further information, contact
me, Dick Tafel, 705 472-7907, or check up the Nipissing Naturalists Club web
page at


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