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Yesterday afternoon a Purple Sandpiper was feeding at the Lake Ontario
shoreline at Lion's Point ( Toronto MapArt p.275, V12. The smaller-scale
Ontario Map Art, p.25, J35 does not show this feature ).From Hwy. 401 take
exit 401, Westney Rd. South, almost to the lakeshore, then take a right turn
onto Lakeshore Driveway West and look for a parking lot on your right which
serves the east side of Duffin's Creek. Walk south onto a sandy beach
immediately east of the bridge over Duffin's Creek. From here you will see
that that the beach becomes progressively rockier to the east.The prominent
Lion's Point is an approximately 1km. walk to the east. The sandpiper  was
often hidden by large rocks, but frequently came into sight as it followed
receding waves. It is possible to take an easier paved path ( the Waterfront
Trail ) to Lion's Point and look down at the shore from the adjacent cliffs,
but the beach route allows much closer views of this species which is so
tolerant of human encroachment. ( My apologies for the posting delay. The
original message was sent in unacceptable HTML - now I know - thanks Mark
Cranford ).
Alan Horner, Toronto.

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