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Mon Nov 24 15:10:37 EST 2003

Eleanor Sachs & I visited the site where the bird has been seen daily since
Nov. 21. We saw it leave the Hummingbird feeder almost as soon as we got out
of the car at 1 p.m. and did not see it again for 25 minutes when Eleanor
had a good view of the bird's back through the telescope.

DIRECTIONS: from Hwy 401 @ km. 623 go south on Hwy 15 to the T-junction at
Hwy 2 and then east on #2 Hwy to King Pitt Rd., then south on King Pitt Rd.
to #24 at the end of the Road.

CONDITIONS: The owners are birder-friendly. They request that visiting
birders not block the streets or driveways Please visit in small groups, 5
or 6 persons at a time are welcome to watch the hummingbird feeder on the
south side of the house from a distance of 20 ft. A good vantage point is
the row of rocks at about that distance south of the feeder.

Bob Sachs, Kingston, Ont.

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