Ontbirds Guidelines help us all

Mark Cranford mark.cranford at ofo.ca
Mon Jan 5 07:21:57 EST 2004


It just about goes without saying but Ontbirds continues to inform us about
special birds in a timely manner that I for one appreciate greatly.  My
thanks to everyone who posts. 

Some may find it redundant but I have set Ontbirds software to append a
link to Ontbirds Guidelines at the end of every post. 

This link takes you to our web page on the Ontario Field Ornithologists
website where you can quickly find instructions for joining and leaving the
list as well as how to set up your email software to send messages to the

Ontbirds Guidelines also make suggestions on content.  A couple of things
that I would like to see included with every report are:

1) the name of the species along with a location in the subject header. 
2) directions that help relocate the birds. To save time you can cut and
paste from another post.
3) who saw the bird and when. Stating that a bird was seen, begs the
question who saw the bird.

Thanks for your attention.

Mark Cranford
Ontbirds Coordinator
Mark Cranford
ONTBIRDS Coordinator
Mississauga, Ontario
Mark.Cranford at ofo.ca
905 279 9576
Mark Cranford <mark.cranford at ofo.ca>

Visit http://www.ofo.ca/ontbirdsguide.htm for information on leaving
and joining the list. As well as general information and content

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