N. Hawk Owl - Bracebridge

Thom Lambert singing.dog at sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 7 19:11:23 EST 2004

I went to check out the N Hawk Owl previously reported just north 
of Bracebridge. I located the bird on a hydro pole right at the end of 
the Baker's driveway, across the road from the Golf course. The 
bird flew after about 10 minutes, moving to the top of a tall tree next 
to the Baker's house. 

Directions: Follow Hwy 11 north of Bracebridge to Hwy 117, go east on Hwy 
117 towards Baysville. The Bracebridge Golf Course and Baker's farm is 
2.5km from Hwy 11.

Thom Lambert 
singing.dog at aympatico.ca
Haliburton, ON

"Thom Lambert" <singing.dog at sympatico.ca>

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