Black-headed Gull @ Queenston

Gordon Bellerby gordon.bellerby at
Thu Jan 8 20:29:46 EST 2004

>From 1140 to 1145 bird was clearly visible from the Sanddock/Boatlaunch
but then flew down-river and did not return.Likely it went to roost with
the Bonapartes in the still water near the small chapel.I had been
looking for the BHGU in its usual area above the Lewiston outfall-no
There are still a good gang of BOGUs in the area.
At Adam Beck the California Gull was in its usual location on the rocks
closest to Robert Moses Power and there were 1+ Iceland Gulls plus an
adult Thayers.It was so darn cold that I did not go further up river.If
you come wear all the clothes you own and look like the Michelin Man.
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