Request for Red-necked Grebe Specimens

Ron Tozer rtozer at
Thu Jan 22 09:29:00 EST 2004

Mark Cranford has approved the following request to Ontbirders:

Should any carcasses or even partial remains of Red-necked Grebe become
available during the remainder of the winter, Ontario birders are requested
to preserve same in a freezer. Tissue samples, through stable isotope
testing, could reveal whether these birds have spent the winter on
freshwater or saltwater. Chip Weseloh (CWS) is prepared to undertake this
testing, but first we need the specimens.

All contributions of specimen material will of course be gratefully
acknowledged in any future publications. Please report the availability of
Red-necked Grebe specimens to Chip Weseloh at: chip.weseloh at

See my article titled "Late Winter Red-necked Grebes: a Mystery" in the
October 2003 issue of OFO News for a review of the "Frozen Out" and "Early
Migration" hypotheses concerning winter incursions by this species.


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