Hwy 417 - Gray Partridge

Marcel Gahbauer marcel.gahbauer at utoronto.ca
Thu Jan 22 17:49:02 EST 2004

I'm happy to report that the Gray Partridge I reported on Tuesday appear to
have indeed been of the feathered and mobile variety ... today at the same
location (north of Hwy 417 at km 40.8) I saw only two such lumps, in
different locations.  Hardly great birding, but when it comes to partridge
I'll take what I get!

No luck today with the Snowy Owls in the Casselman area - snow was blowing
horrendously, and I doubt I would have noticed if a Snowy Owl was being
blown around with it.

An addendum to Monday's Amherst Island sightings - in addition to the 7 Bald
Eagles we observed along the Ivy Lea Parkway, we also saw one on the island.
It flew over us near the northwest corner of the KFN property; based on that
view we pegged it as a probable 4th year bird, likely the same bird reported
by Alex & Karen Scott the day before.

Good birding,

Marcel Gahbauer
Ottawa ON
marcel.gahbauer at utoronto.ca

"Marcel Gahbauer" <marcel.gahbauer at utoronto.ca>

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