HARLEQUIN DUCK at Sombra, St. Clair River

B. A. Mann boatmann at kent.net
Sat Jan 24 11:40:09 EST 2004

Hi Birders,
This morning I found a Harlequin Duck beside Fawn Island at Sombra.  I
believe it to be a first winter male.
This is the best area in the river to observe over a thousand ducks, as
there is quite a bit of open water.  The vast majority are Redheads, but
most others are represented.  An adult Bald Eagle is also hunting in this
Some good viewing also at Sombra ferry dock.  (Ferry NOT running).
A pair of AMERCAN WIGEON are at the Lambton Generating Station just south of
Courtright.  Two GADWALL are (or were) at Terra Ind. outfall south of the
Wigeon spot.

A special note, the parks are not ploughed and you will need a good 4WD
vehicle to get into some of them.  Pulling off the side of the road can be
treacherous too.  (i.e. too much snow!!).
Directions to Sombra and St. Clair River:  Find Hwy 40 which runs N/S
between Sarnia and Wallaceburg.  Turn west on Lambton Rd. 2 (Bentpath Line)
and take to
Sombra on the river.  Sombra Bay is right in front of you.  Fawn Island is
just to the south of the village.  The St. Clair Parkway (Rd. 33) follows
the river along its length.

        Blake A. Mann
    Chatham-Kent, ON.
    boatmann at kent.net

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