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Sat Jan 24 15:29:41 EST 2004


Rob Dobos posted a Snowy Owl on Wednesday
that he found close to Shelburne. (See below.)
Today seemed to be a good day to look for it.
Although, it moved from the location Rob described,
 it was easy to re-locate this beautiful young Owl.
This time it was on 2nd Line between Twp. Rd. 280 and Twp. Rd. 270.
I was sitting on top of a utility pole in front of a gray house when we
I managed to take about 60 pictures of it.
(House number: 197334, The Bannisters)

Karl and Marienna Egressy

Direction as per Rob Dobos.

This morning (Jan. 21) I had a Snowy Owl along Hwy. 10 in Dufferin County,
about 7.5 km NW of Shelburne.  The bird was sitting at the top of a tree on
the edge of a field on the north side of the road, 0.5 km NW of Melancthon
Twp. Rd. 280.  The bird was quite dark, thus likely an immature.


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