Harlequin Ducks - Port Credit

Mark Cranford cranford7 at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 25 10:20:55 EST 2004


I saw the pair of Harlequin Dcuks close to shore to the east of Ben Macree 
Park in front of the vacant Texaco lands this morning (Sunday) 9:30 am.  
There birds seem to range from Rhododendron Park east to the mouth of the 
Credit River (frozen).

>From the Q.E. exit Hurontario St. South to the Lakeshore Rd. go west to
Maple, and South to Ben Macree Park.
>From the West exit the Q.E. at Mississuaga Rd. drive South to Lakeshore Rd.,
and head West to Maple, and turn right, and head South to Ben Macree Park.

Mark Cranford
cranford7 at hotmail.com

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"Mark Cranford" <cranford7 at hotmail.com>

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