California and Lesser Black Gulls at Niagara.

Sun Jan 25 21:04:34 EST 2004

Good evening birders

 Today Sun.,Jan.25, 2004 Stan Bajurny and I went to Niagara among other
places and on the Breakwater (Channel Control Wall) we found the adult
California Gull reported earlier as well as 2 Lesser black-backed Gulls.
Also here were 2 Iceland Gulls and at Adam Beck Dam we saw 5 Iceland and 1
adult Thayer's type Gull. We didn't use our scopes here so we can not say
whether the adult California Gull that has been here since November was
indeed still there.

 We also continued up the river to Chippewa and on Peter St. found 1
Carolina Wren, 2 Red-bellied Woodpeckers, 1 Tufted Titmouse and about 50
other birds at a number of feeders.

 On the way down to the Niagara Region we drove down Line 1 Rd (Penner Rd)
in Niagara-On-The lake (N-O-T-L) and found 50+ Snow Buntings and 1 Lapland
Longspur just west of Hwy 55 and in a couple of places in N-O-T-L we found 3
Northern Mockingbirds.

 Between N-O-T-L and Chippewa we found no Bonaparte's Gulls and very few
other Gulls, Adam Beck about 100 Gulls, above the falls and at the control
Dam another 400or so and not much between these 3 places.

Norm Murr
Richmond Hill, ON


Drive South (up river) from The Falls past Dufferin Island and you will see
the International Control Dam on your left. Most of the good birds are found
on the breakwater (channel control wall) below the dam but do not fail to
check the flat rock islands beyond and the breakwater above the dam.
Sometimes the dam control gates are fully opened enough to allow water to
cover the breakwater below the dam.


>From St Catherines drive east on the QEW to the junction (Y split) with Hwy
405. Drive down Hwy 405 to the Niagara Parkway (at the river), turn right
(south th) and drive over the power dam to the small parking area on your
left, park here and you can observe the gulls from the viewing area. The dam
across the river in New York State is the Robert Moses Power Plant.


 Continue upriver past the Control Dams until you bump into a Tim Hortons,
turn right here (or go in for a coffee first) and at the first street (name
at this time not remembered), turn left and drive to Peter St. This is a
crescent, so drive down to where it doubles back and on the left and in
front of you will be 2 houses with a number of feeders. Park here keeping
well to the left of the road and watch the show.

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