Markus J. Lise markusonmill at
Mon Jan 26 06:52:07 EST 2004

Hello Swan Lovers,

TRUMPETER SWANS # 566 & 541, the 6 year old male and 5 year old female were
visiting us in the parking lot at the end of Mill St. S.  It was a year ago
to the date that they came here before.  They were originally hatched in
Cooks Bay.  They sat around a lot on their feathers and enjoyed some cut
corn from my trunk.

We had a CAROLINA WREN in the yard in addition to the many other birds.

Direction:  Take Hwy. # 401 to the 410 exit south of Newcastle and drive to
the lake.  Our yard is 500 m. before the lake.

Markus J. Lise
Newcastle, On

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