Ottawa Short-eared Owls

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Wed Jan 28 23:22:02 EST 2004

Greetings on another blustery day!

I was once again south of our airport to check up on our owls.  Sure enough
around 5pm I saw 2 in the usual spot on Earl Armstrong Rd flying back and
forth hunting.  I watched them for about 1/2 hour after which it was getting
darker.  I drove east up to Bowesville Rd and turned north, a very short
distance.  I stopped just short of the thicket of trees near a hydro tower
to have another look from a different angle, and suddenly there were 2 owls!
I have no idea if they were the same 2 who had just moved on in that area,
or if they were 2 different owls.  In both instances I think the 2 were a
pair, often flying together, then separating for a bit, then flying together
again.  I'll check this out again in a few days.

Earl  Armstrong Rd runs east from Limebank Rd, off River Rd, off in turn
from Hunt Club Rd.  It runs west from High Rd, off Albion Rd, again off Hunt
Club Rd.  The section here is between the "S" curve and the ravine.
Bowesville runs north/south across Earl Armstrong Rd, between Leitrim and
Mitch Owens Rds.

Cheers, Eve

-Eve Ticknor
Coordinator, OFNC Peregrine Falcon Watch
38-9 Gillespie Cres.
Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 9T5
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