Red-necked Grebe Cobourg harbour

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Thu Jan 29 10:18:59 EST 2004

Thursday, January 29

Cobourg harbour, largely unfrozen today, holds a basic-plumaged Red-necked
Grebe among many Long-tailed Ducks, goldeneye, Bufflehead, and Common
Mergansers. A handsome male White-winged Scoter gives very close views.
The large flock of gulls increases with the amount of ice  to loaf on, and
there have been up to 8 Glaucous Gulls, two or three Iceland, and an adult
Lesser Black-backed Gull which appears irregularly, usually when the weather
is really bad.
At least one Song Sparrow accompanies the large flock of House Sparrows
feeding with the puddle ducks at the edge of the parking lot, a Cooper's
Hawk is a regular visitor, and fly-bys earlier in the week include a young
Bald Eagle and a Common Raven.

To reach Cobourg harbour, exit Hwy.401 at Division Street, Exit 474, and go
directly south on Division Street to the harbour. Turn west at the foot of
Division Street and follow the north edge of the harbour westward to the
main parking lot at the northwest corner of the harbour.
The east pier of the harbour is closed to vehicular traffic at this time of

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