Tufted Duck,St Catherines & Harlequin, Mississauga

Anne Anthony anthony at cogeco.ca
Thu Jan 29 16:04:22 EST 2004

The male Tufted Duck was at Lock 1 today Thursday January 29 around 9:00 He
was sleeping and preening and associating with a scaup.

The  Harlenquin Ducks were at Ben Machree Park at 1:00 p:m.  They were easy
to spot, by themselves, directly in front of the park

In between, at Stoney Creek, there were NO King Eiders and only White-winged
Scoters, Long-tailed Ducks and Common Goldeneye visible fron Lawrence P.
Sayer Park and Dewitt, etc.  The mass of ducks were several kilometers off
shore; too far out to be identified even with a good scope.  Have to wait
for a day when they are closer to shore.  (Reply personally if you know what
wind direction or conditions make it so the ducks are closer to shore.)

Anne Anthony

Directions from other posts:
Directions for TUDU: Take the QEW to Niagra St. exit in St.Catherines
(exit 48), and go north on Niagra St. to the end where it T's with
Lakeshore Road. Turn right and go to the lights at Lock 1 (one short
block).  DO NOT CORSS THE BRIDGE, but rather turn left onto Government
Road and proceed north about 150-200 yards. Park well to the right to
allow other traffic to pass by. From here, look back for the duck in the
open water directly behind the Lake Ontario side of the lock.

Directions for HADU: From the west exit on the QEW, exit at Mississuaga
Rd. drive South to Lakeshore Rd., and head West to Maple, and turn LEFT
(South) to Ben Machree Park. The birds were just to the east about 100

 Direction for King Eider: From QEW take Centennial Parkway to the North
Service Rd.
Turn Right, and drive east to Drake Rd. turn left (north), and drive to
Oceanic Drive,
turn RIGHT (east) and follow this road to the Park.  Dewitt is accessed off
the North Service Road further to the east.

"Anne Anthony" <anthony at cogeco.ca>

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