Ottawa - Snowy Owl, Short-eared Owls

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Thu Jan 29 23:27:07 EST 2004


This afternoon I found a heavily barred Snowy Owl on Brownlee Rd about 1/2
way between Eagleson and Shea Rds (west side of town).  It was on the north
side in a cut corn field, sitting on a fence post, the kind that snow fences
are usually attached to.  It was just sitting and looking around it.

I have had a bit more information regarding the Short-eared Owls south of
the Ottawa Airport, and believe the 6 - 7 owls reported just before
Christmas are still in that area.  The vole population is quite substantial
and several more owls have been seen there, in the area bounded by Earl
Armstrong, Bowesville, Leitrim and Limebank Rds.

For directions to the above see or contact me

Cheers, Eve

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