Bohemians and Pine Grosbeaks in Minden

Jean Iron jeaniron at
Fri Jan 30 19:42:44 EST 2004

On January 22, Al Sinclair reported to Ontbirds that he and Peter and Susan 
Bennett saw 2 Bohemian Waxwings and 7 Pine Grosbeaks feeding in a crabapple 
tree in Minden. At noon yesterday (Thursday) I checked the same tree and 
there were 11 Pine Grosbeaks (mostly females) and 14 Bohemian Waxwings 
taking turns feeding on the small crabapples. Also yesterday, an adult Bald 
Eagle flew south low along the Gull River in Minden between Tim Hortons on 
Highway 35 and the river. During a quick check today, I saw 35 Evening 
Grosbeaks (mostly males) near the crabapple tree. Evenings don't feed on 
crabapples. The Bohemians and Pines were probably nearby as there are 
scattered crabapple trees in Minden on both sides of the river. There also 
are several bird feeders in town.

Directions: Minden is 175 km by car northeast of Toronto. From Highway 35 
exit Main Street and go about 1 km to the bridge. The small crabapple tree 
is over the bridge on the right about 30 metres. Also check nearby streets.

Happy finch and waxwing watching,

Ron Pittaway
Minden and Toronto

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