Bohemian Waxwing, Pine Grosbeak & Redpolls in Minden

Sun Feb 1 17:35:52 EST 2004

Good afternoon Ontbirders.

 It's not too often that I get to make a report so early in the day but
thanks to Stan Bajurny's and my successful morning in Minden we came home

  The day started out slowly as we checked out the Crabapple tree reported
in an earlier report and all we came up with is a tree covered with frost.
In fact all the trees, buildings, bushes, etc. were covered in frost, it was
a nice sight. We then started to drive the streets and residential roads
southwest of the bridge starting beside the Hospital where we found about 50
Common Redpolls and on some other streets at feeders another 75 or so Common
Redpolls. We then headed back to the Crabapple tree, nothing. We drove past
the tree and turned around and Stan said there's a bird in the Crabapple
tree that turned out to be a beautiful Bohemian Waxwing not 30 feet in front
of us in the frost and sun..
 After we watched this little beauty for awhile we again headed south and
west of the bridge and up Bobcaygeon Road. About 300 yards up this road we
stopped to look at 4 Ruffed Grouse up in a tree feeding on buds and a good
look at them we had and they also let us drive under them without flushing.
Further along the road we came upon some feeders with 6 Common Redpolls and
a single Hoary Redpoll feeding with 8 B-C Chickadees and overhead a Common
Raven, the second of  12 Ravens in the Minden area.
 Happy with the birds so far we again headed for the Crabapple tree and as
we turned the corner we could see that there was more than one bird in the
tree this time. The other birds turned out to be 6 female Pine Grosbeaks and
again we had close up looks and in fact as close as about 10 feet away
beside the open van window.
 On our way home along Hwy 48  just west of Port Bolster (north of
Pefferlaw) we spotted some Wild Turkeys in a field on the north side of the
highway. We drove ahead to Brock-Thorah Townline West to turn around and
here we spotted a Porcupine feeding in a tree. We headed back to the Turkeys
(just east of Brock Road 17), parked and counted 53 birds and even witnessed
the spectacle of them all flying for about 50 feet. A nice end to a nice


Minden is north of Lindsay on Hwy 35 (which starts as Hwys 35/115 at exit
436 on Hwy 401 east of Oshawa.
In Minden to get to the Crabapple tree turn left (west) off of Hwy 35 on
Main Street, drive to the bridge over Gull River and immediately turn right
and the crabapple tree is on your right and is the 1st tree you will see.
The Waxwings and Grosbeaks have been reported there from at least Jan. 22nd.

Norm Murr
Richmond Hill, ON

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