Gray (not Grey or Hungarian) Partridge

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Mon Feb 16 15:24:24 EST 2004

After five attempts, success.  Saw 6 individuals SE of the corner of Robinson and Green Rds at 5:15PM on 2/15/04 across from the Brantford Airport.  After spotting the birds, and after a minute or two of binocs, they flushed east towards a mild gulley and were not seen again.

Just 10 minutes before, a coyote (coy-dog?) crossed Green Rd. from the airport swinging South.  Earlier, the airport manager reported he had seen 5 coyote/coy-dogs on the east end of the airport that same morning.

To the businessman from Thunder Bay whose plane was leaving shortly from Hamilton: it was over in a flash but I looked for you to no avail.  Thank you for advising me on the Crossbills at Thunder Bay.

Respectfully submitted,

Gerald S. Lazarczyk
2484 Oak Harbor
Grand Island NY 14072-3007

>From Toronto take the 403 west to just past Brantford and take Provincial Route 24 South (9 KM west of Provincial Route 24 North)a few miles South to Robinson Rd. and take a left (East) and begin looking.  In prior years the partridge have been seen around the airport terminal (south side of airport) but look anyplace around the perimeter of the airport.

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