Strange Mallard - Windsor Marina

Mark Conlon mconlon at
Mon Feb 16 16:54:17 EST 2004

Saturday I toured sections of the Detroit River viewing the many ducks that
are present this time of year.

Large numbers of Canvasback and Common Mergansers are currently present.

At the marina there was a strange mallard. Green head like a male mallard
but much smaller in total body size. Slightly smaller than a female mallard
even. Chest is white and small patch of white beginning in the chin. Body
was greyish brown overall. Very unusual bird. Plainly some kind of mallard
in this fellow .. a hybrid perhaps ?

This bird was right in the marina where the creek (Little River ?) flows
into the Detroit River.

If anyone has seen others ducks with a similar look I would be interested in
hearing about them.

Other notes:
Adult Bald Eagle seen on Peche Island

Mark Conlon
Lasalle, ON

Date: Feb 14, 2004
Location: Detroit River, Windsor. Follow Riverside Drive to Riverdale Drive.
Marina is just east of Riverdale.

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