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Sarah.Rupert at pc.gc.ca Sarah.Rupert at pc.gc.ca
Tue Feb 17 14:39:10 EST 2004

Hello All

The Long-eared Owls were still present this morning - I counted 10 along
the dike across from address marker 1611 on Concession E.  Fewer birds were
seen than on the weekend, but some of the reports that I have heard
suggestions that there have been many other birds of prey in the area
(Rough-legged Hawks, Harriers and Bald Eagles), so some of the owls may
have sought refuge in the more dense vegetation on the park side of the

On the weekend, I had another couple of Hermit Thrushes in the park (at
West Beach and White Pine) and had three White-breasted Nuthatches at the
park gate this morning when changing the information board.

I will keep you up to date on the owls as we approach the weekend, in case
anyone is planning to head this way.  I received an interesting email from
a fellow in Ohio who told my that his roost of 15 Long-eared Owls
disappeared a couple of days before ours arrived...

Good Birding!

Sarah Rupert
Sr. Park Interpreter/Education Coordinator
Point Pelee National Park of Canada
Leamington, Ontario
sarah.rupert at pc.gc.ca

Sarah.Rupert at pc.gc.ca

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